Social Capital

KTB Flies - What Happened?

July 2014 - December 2017
The rise and fall of KTB showed the capture of public institutions by private interests. The project aims to study and analyze this complex phenomenon.

SOCCOH The Challenge of Socio-economic Cohesion in the Enlarged European Union

February 2006 - April 2008
The research project, which is structurally based on the comparative analysis of the role of social capital and civil society in achieving the goals of development policy through stimulating social partnerships and improving levels of administrative capacity, is based on research conducted in non-Cohesion countries (Germany and Italy), old Cohesion countries (Greece and Spain), CEE (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland) and candidate countries (Bulgaria and Romania) of the EU.

SCSPN The Social Capital and the Social Policy Network

January 2006 - December 2007
Social Cohesion, Trust and Participation: Social Capital, Social Policy and Social Cohesion in the European Union and Candidate Countries

IBEU Integrating the Balkans in the European Union: Functional Borders and Sustainable Security

December 2003 - January 2005
The IBEU research project studied social capital, migration flows, the informal sector and the prospects for regional co-operation in different economic sectors within and across Southeastern Europe.