FP Bulgaria issue 1 (30)

February 2010

The first online only issue of FP Bulgaria.

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Democracy and Dissatisfaction


Author(s): Ivan Krastev

An article of Ivan Krastev in the book "Democracy versus Modernization. A dilemma for Russia and for the world"

Guide 2020


Author(s): Milla Mineva

Communal Capitalism


Author(s): Roumen Avramov

Communal Capitalism. Reflections on Bulgarian Economic Past by Roumen Avramov

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters? The Role of the Internationals in Albania

12 October 2012

Publication of Antoinette Primatarova and Dr Johanna Deimel with contributions by Margarita Assenova

01 July 2010

Author(s): Milla Mineva

Twenty years of postcommunism DEEPENING DISSATISFACTION

14 January 2010

An article of Ivan Krastev

Author(s): Ivan Krastev

“The Archives of the Bulgarian National Bank from the Period of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria, 1948-1990”

Bulgarian National Bank. Selected Documents. Vol. V (1948-1990). Part I, pp. 23-38. BNB and National Archives, Sofia. 2009, 18 June 2009

Author(s): Roumen Avramov

Reading Russia: The Rules of Survival

Journal of Democracy, Volume 20, Number 2 April 2009, 09 April 2009

Populist Politics and Liberal Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

IVO, Bratislava, 2008., 16 December 2008

Author(s): Daniel Smilov, Grigorij Mesežnikov and Oľga Gyárfášová

Russia and the European Order

The American Interest, 01 November 2008

Author(s): Ivan Krastev

The EU, Russia and the crisis of the post-Cold War European order

Europe's World, Summer 2008, 01 July 2008

Author(s): Ivan Krastev

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Daniel Smilov was cited in Deutsche Welle

15 April 2014

Author(s): Daniel Smilov

Orban's European influence is second only to Merkel's

Financial Times, 11 April 2014

Author(s): Ivan Krastev

Putin’s World

Project Syndicate, 01 April 2014

Author(s): Ivan Krastev

What does Russia want and why?

Prospect, 06 March 2014

Author(s): Ivan Krastev

Russian Revisionism

Foreign Affairs, 03 March 2014

Putin's Plan For Overturning the European Order

Author(s): Ivan Krastev

Ivan Krastev: Balkan smuggler of ideas

Open Democracy, 06 February 2014

the summary of Slawomir Sierakowski about Ivan Krastev`s TED book “In Mistrust We Trust” asks, “Can democracy survive?”

« En temps de crise, Ianoukovitch veut agir comme Poutine »

Le Monde, 21 January 2014

Author(s): Ivan Krastev

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