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The Political Economy of Reform Failure


2014 Bulgaria Report | 01 December 2014

Georgy Ganev quoted in "Regulating Banks in Central and Eastern Europe"

21 August 2014

Georgy Ganev Quoted in "Bulgarian Bank Run 'Halted'" | 02 July 2014

Why Making Europe German Won’t Fix the Crisis

Bloomberg | 08 April 2013

Transparency for the State Money

newspaper "Trud" | 28 March 2013

Georgy Ganev was invited to comment on Bulgaria On Air tv's news

13 February 2013

Georgy Ganev was a guest at the "Life and Other Things" show on BNT

09 February 2013

Daniel Smilov and Georgy Ganev cited in the FT special report for Bulgara

05 December 2012

Georgy Ganev quoted in "Searching for A New Economy Growth Model in the Balkans" | 09 June 2012

The Good News is that People Began to Save More

newspaper "Dnevnik" | 28 May 2012

Georgy Ganev quoted in "Greek Businesses Flee to Bulgaria" | 03 May 2012

Georgy Ganev in Nova TV's central newscast

31 January 2012

Light in the Tunnel of the European Economic Crisis?

BNT | 23 January 2012

Georgy Ganev in "Na Svetlo" with Vanja Manolova

06 January 2012

Bulgaria Put into Question of The Economic Theory

DARIK news | 05 January 2012

Does Media Policy Promote Media Freedom and Independence? The Case of Bulgaria

01 December 2011

Georgy Ganev in Bulgaria On Air's "The Day On Air"

07 November 2011

Participation of Georgy Ganev in the "Hrutkite" program

06 November 2011

Discussion of the Latest Stage of the Crisis in Greece and EU

02 November 2011

Details of Catching-Up

"Manager" magazine | 01 November 2011

Discussion of the European Council decisions on Greece and the EFSF

27 October 2011

Discussion of Budget 2012 by Georgy Ganev in various media (in Bulgarian)

26 October 2011

Georgy Ganev in a bTV news segment on minimal wage

25 October 2011

An interview of Georgy Ganev for "Сега" Newspaper (in Bulgarian)

24 October 2011

A segment in the morning block of BNT: 2012 - Growth or Crisis

20 October 2011

13th Salary? Only for the Best

newspaper "24 часа" | 18 October 2011

Recapitalization Will Not Solve the Problems

12 October 2011

Georgy Ganev in "Panorama"

07 October 2011

What Does "Credit Rating" Mean?

05 October 2011

Greece's Bankruptcy Should Be Painful

newspaper "Capital" | 16 September 2011

Part of the latest edition of Nations in Transit 2011- published by Freedom House (in Bulgarian) | 28 June 2011

Legislative reform of political finance in Bulgaria

By Creating a Solidarity Fund, State Aims to Cut People's Money

TV Evropa | 21 October 2010

New Circumstances and New Benefits

"Dnevnik" newspaper | 20 October 2010

Georgy Ganev quoted in article of Stefan Antonov | 09 September 2010

The Finance Ministry Plans to Release Tax and Axcise

Nova TV | 09 September 2010

New publication of Georgy Ganev in the publications series E-BIEFS of the poland institute CASE | 09 September 2010

bTV | 08 September 2010 | 22 July 2010

Georgy Ganevt commented on "Bulgaria, Greece and the Euro" in the program "Panorama" of the Bulgarian national television

Bulgarian National Television | 07 May 2010

Economic analysis of Georgi Ganev on Bulgarian National Television

BNT | 15 March 2010

Costs and Benefits of Euro Adaption in Bulgaria | 01 March 2010

A Macroeconomic Review of the 20 Years of Transition

"Capital" weekly | 13 November 2009

Review of Privatization After 20 Years of Transition

"Dnevnik" daily | 11 November 2009

Article by Georgy Ganev in "Sega" on the first 100 days of the government

03 November 2009

An article by Georgy Ganev in "Trud" on budget 2010

"Trud" daily | 30 October 2009

България може да си върне ръста преди кризата, ако преструктурира двигателите му

08 October 2009

Cash or Degrees Celsius: Economics of Climate Policies

02 October 2009

How the Exchange Rate Regime Influences Wage Growth

17 April 2009

Georgy Ganev quoted in "Bulgaria's Hot Properties Market Turns Cold" | 02 April 2009

Informal institutions, partial enforcement and impersonal exchange: observations from Bulgarian streets

12 March 2009

With Higher Spending Towards... Opposition

13 February 2009

2009- The Evil Stepmother of Macroeconomic Forecasts

Pari daily | 26 January 2009

Anti-Corruption: Uses and Abuses. Findings from the Content Analysis of Interviews with Politicians, Representatives of Judiciary, Police, Media, Civil Society and Businessman in Bulgaria

Discussion Paper 22, Crime and Culture Project, University of Konstanz | 26 June 2008

Integration Perspectives and Synergic Effects of European Transformation in the Countries Targeted by EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policies

CEU | 24 June 2008

Cultural Encounters in a Privatised Bulgarian Bank with Foreign New Owners: Which Are the Relevant Borders?

31 July 2007

Is social capital and civic participation related to attitude towards markets in South Eastern Europe?

31 January 2006

The link between the estimate of the corruption environment in higher education schools and labor market attitudes

31 October 2005

Bulgaria: macroeconomic and political-economic implications of stabilization under a currency board arrangement

31 October 2005

Where Has Marxism Gone? Gauging the Impact of Alternative Ideas in Transition Bulgaria

31 January 2005

Where Has Marxism Gone? Gauging the Impact of Alternative Ideas in Transition Bulgaria

01 January 2005

Entrepreneurial attitudes and responses to EU accession in Bulgaria: two possible scenarios

30 April 2004

Confidence in the Currency Board in Bulgaria: 1991 - 2003. An initial attempt for calibration (in Bulgarian),

Bulgarian National Bank, Discussion Paper 38/2004 | 31 March 2004

The missing incentive: corruption, anticorruption, and reelection

31 March 2004

Macroeconomic and Political-Economic Implications of Stabilisation under a Currency Board Arrangement | 01 March 2004

Society’s attitudes toward the market economy in Bulgaria: personal values, social norms, institutions and implications for the economy

30 September 2003

Do Uncorrupt Governments in Corrupt Countries Have Incentives to Launch Anti-Corruption Campaigns?

30 May 2003

Bulgaria: political economy of the return of a King

31 January 2003

Transmission of Monetary Policy in Central and Eastern Europe

30 April 2002

Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy in Central and Eastern Europe | 01 January 2002

The Bulgarian Currency Crisis of 1996-1997

30 March 2001

Credibility of the exchange rate policy in transition countries

31 January 2001

Money, banking, and financial markets. A textbook for distance learning

29 December 2000

Political and Economic Orientations of the Bulgarians Ten Years After the Beginning of the Systemic Change. Analyses of Survey Results

31 July 2000

Bulgaria and Balkan energy flows: an analysis of strategies and opportunities

30 June 2000

A look at the dynamics and structure of bank balances after the introduction of a currency board arrangement in Bulgaria

30 June 2000

Competitive advantages of regions. Creating competitive clusters in the Bulgarian economy: factors, views, and strategies

31 May 1999

Property rights protection as a factor for economic growth

31 March 1999

General problems with the infrastructure policy

30 January 1999

Corruption and economic development in Bulgaria

30 October 1998

Reflections on the elusive Bulgarian growth

05 September 1998

The recent past and the perspectives of the economic relationships between Bulgaria and Russia

15 November 1997