Georgy Ganev

Programme Director, Economic Research

Georgy Ganev is an economist and is a program director for economic research at the Centre for liberal strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 2003 he is an assistant professor at Sofia University’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Since 2005 he is Chair of the Governing Council of the Bulgarian Macroeconomics Association.

His interests are related to issues of macroeconomics and monetary theory and policy, political economy, transition, development and growth economics, new institutional economics. At the university he teaches the standard courses of introductory macroeconomics, money and banking, as well as a graduate seminar in new institutional economics.

The most recent publications of Georgy Ganev in English are in: Der Donauraum, the Routledge volume “The political economy of reform failure” edited by Mats Lundahl and Michael Wyzan, and East European Politics and Societies.