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Bulgaria: More Europe in Domestic Politics


Democratic Innovation and the Politics of Fear: 25 Lessons from Eastern Europe

05 June 2017

Distrust and Quality of Democratic Institutions in Bulgaria

01 March 2017

Distrust and Quality of Democratic Institutions in Bulgaria: Policy Suggestions

01 March 2017

Political Finance in East, Central and South East Europe & Central Asia

Funding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns: A Handbook on Political Finance © International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance 2014 | 16 July 2015

Daniel Smilov quoted in EU Observer article

euobserver.com | 08 July 2015

Letter From Sofia

Carnegie Europe | 22 May 2015

Daniel Smilov quoted in BBC News article

13 March 2015

Daniel Smilov quoted in "Bankruptcy, Conflict and Hope"

bta.bg | 22 December 2014

Daniel Smilov quoted in "Compromise – Part of Bulgarian Political Life"

bnr.bg | 17 December 2014

Bulgaria's Borisov Plasters Together Coalition Government

Daniel Smilov cited in RUTERS | 06 November 2014

Daniel Smilov Cited About the Bulgarian Election

The Business Insider | 10 October 2014

Interview with Daniel Smilov for FOCUS Agency

focus-fen.net | 06 October 2014

Back To The Polls in Bulgaria

Daniel Smilov cited in Al Jazeera | 04 October 2014

Daniel Smilov quoted in "Bulgarian Ex-PM Poised to Return After Corpbank Failure"

bloomberg.com | 03 October 2014

Bulgaria Set For October General Election

25 July 2014

Bulgaria Lawmakers Approve Prime Minister’s Resignation

24 July 2014

Daniel Smilov shares views on Bulgarian election

ft.com | 24 July 2014

Bulgaria Central Bank Starts Talks About European Supervision

15 July 2014

Daniel Smilov quoted in an article for the situation of bank systems in Bulgaria

The Wall Street Jurnal | 27 June 2014

Daniel Smilov quoted in Wall Street Journal article

wsj.com | 27 June 2014

Elections For a New Parliament - When and How?

BNT | 11 June 2014

Interview with Daniel Smilov for FOCUS agency

focus-fen.net | 28 May 2014

Daniel Smilov Was Cited in Deutsche Welle

15 April 2014

Daniel Smilov shares views on Syrian refuges

novinite.com | 15 December 2013

Post-Election Alternatives

newspaper "Dnevnik" | 02 December 2013

Daniel Smilov cited in The New York Times about the Sofia protests

25 July 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in DiePresse about the Sofia protests

25 July 2013

Bulgarian Parliament Cancels Budget Debate on Protests

Boomberg Bussinessweek | 24 July 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in The Zeit about the Sofia protests

24 July 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in The Balkans.com about the Sofia protests

Balkans.com | 19 July 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in derStandard about the Sofia protests

18 July 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in The BBC News about the Sofia protests

17 July 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in The Deutsche Welle about the Sofia protests

26 June 2013

Bulgarians Protest as Media Mogul Named to Head State Security

Financial Times | 18 June 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in The Bloomberg Businessweek about the post election situation in Bulgaria

14 May 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in El Pais about the post election situation in Bulgaria

14 May 2013

Daniel Smilov was cited in The Christian Science Monitor about the post election situation in Bulgaria

13 May 2013

GERB: How to Change Everything in Order to Preserve Things As They Are

newspaper "Trud" | 09 April 2013

Bulgarian Politics Back on the Streets

BBC News | 28 February 2013

Bulgarian Parliament Accepts Government's Resignation

New York Times | 22 February 2013

Bulgaria Heads to Early Election as Premier Borissov Departs

SFGate | 21 February 2013

Bulgarian Government Quits

Wall Street Journal | 20 February 2013

Daniel Smilov and Georgy Ganev cited in the FT special report for Bulgara

05 December 2012

The mistakes in solving Greece's crisis

BNT | 28 August 2012

А Romanian-type Bomb is Ticking in Bulgaria

newspaper "24 часа" | 18 July 2012

Reinventing Europe: Bulgaria and the Anxieties of Incomplete Membership

ecfr.eu | 05 July 2012

Interview on BNR on Greece and the crisis in the Eurozone

Bulgarian National Radio | 15 May 2012

Analysis of the First 100 Days of President Plevneliev in Office

newspaper "24 часа" | 03 May 2012

Brussels is Nervous Because Sofia is Dragging its Feet

newspaper "Trud" | 10 February 2012

Participation of Daniel Smilov in the broadcast ”Otpechatci”

BTV | 08 January 2012

Hungary and the European Crisis

BNT | 06 January 2012

Three Myths about the Constitutional Court

newspaper "Trud" | 30 December 2011

Hungarian Dances for Populism and Orchestra

newspaper "24 часа" | 27 December 2011

Does Media Policy Promote Media Freedom and Independence? The Case of Bulgaria

01 December 2011

The Elections 2011

newspaper "Trud" | 03 November 2011

Concentration of Power or De-stabilisation

newspaper "Capital" | 28 October 2011

Plevneliev Will Inevitably Emancipate

newspaper "Capital" | 24 October 2011

Bulgaria’s Tense Week: Spark, Fire, and Solvent

http://www.opendemocracy.net | 04 October 2011

Daniel Smilov in The Independent

The Independent | 28 September 2011

Part of the latest edition of Nations in Transit 2011- published by Freedom House (in Bulgarian)

vesti.bg | 28 June 2011

The Uncertainty in the Pre-Electoral Situation is a Matter of Concern

newspaper "Zaman" | 20 June 2011

The Upcoming Presidential Elections – A Trap for GERB?

"Trud" newspaper | 25 May 2011

Legislative reform of political finance in Bulgaria

Publication of CLS on Effective Mechanisms and Practices for Fighting Corruption in the Black Sea Region. The publication is part of a project carried out together with IPP, Romania.

13 December 2010

South-East Europe Regional Studies: Open Parliaments: Transparency and Accountability of Parliaments in South-East Europe

13 December 2010

The Confidence in the Electoral System

Bulgarian National Television | 09 November 2010

"Dnevnik" newspaper | 02 July 2010

List of publications


Ghosts of Past Haunt Politics in Germany

International Herald Tribune | 10 December 2009

Battle of Ideas 2009 30 & 31 October, London

Battle of Ideas site | 16 November 2009

Designing Anticorruption Institutions

Development and Transition Newsletter (LSE&UNDP) | 10 April 2009

Anti-Corruption Bodies as Discourse-Controlling Instruments: Experiences from South East Europe

in Luís de Sousa, Barry Hindess and Peter Larmour (eds.), Governments, NGOs and Anti-Corruption: The New Integrity Warriors, Routledge, London. | 18 February 2009

Political Parties in a Frustrated Democracy (in Bulgarian)

Състояние на обществото, Институт Отворено общество, София. | 23 December 2008

Populist Politics and Liberal Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

IVO, Bratislava, 2008. | 16 December 2008

A Plea For Open Parliaments in the Black Sea Region: The Case of Bulgaria

Institute for Public Policy, Bucharest, 2008 | 01 December 2008

The Power of Assembled People: The Right to Assembly and Political Representation

in Andras Sajo (ed.), Free to Protest: Constituent Power and Street Demonstration (Issues in Constitutional Law), Eleven International Publishing, The Netherlands. | 18 November 2008

The Constitutional Politics of Socio-Economic Rights: Proceduralism, ‘Writ Large’

Foundation for Law, Justice and Society in collaboration with the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford | 31 October 2008

Dilemmas for a Democratic Society: Comparative Regulation of Money and Politics

DISC working paper 4/2008, Central European University, Budapest | 18 September 2008

Anti-Corruption: Uses and Abuses. Findings from the Content Analysis of Interviews with Politicians, Representatives of Judiciary, Police, Media, Civil Society and Businessman in Bulgaria

Discussion Paper 22, Crime and Culture Project, University of Konstanz | 26 June 2008

Integration Perspectives and Synergic Effects of European Transformation in the Countries Targeted by EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policies

CEU | 24 June 2008

Perceptions of Corruption in Bulgaria

Discussion Paper No. 16, Crime and Culture, University of Konstanz | 26 February 2008

Populism, Courts, and the Rule of Law: A Policy Brief

a publication of the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society in collaboration with the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford | 31 December 2007

Political Finance and Corruption in Eastern Europe: The Transition Period


EU Enlargement and the Constitutional Principle of Judicial Independence

in W. Sadurski, A. Czarnota and M. Krygier (eds.), Spreading Democracy and the Rule of Law?, Springer. | 23 December 2006

Parliaments in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations

Lessons Learned from Eastern Europe, UNDP, Europe and the CIS Bratislava Regional Centre, 2006 | 16 December 2006

Enlargement and EU Constitutionalism in the Balkan Periphery

in Wojciech Sadurski, Jacques Ziller, Karolina Zurek, Apres Enlargement, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, IUE, Florence. | 01 December 2006

From the Ground Up: Assessing the Record of Anticorruption Assistance in Southeast Europe


The Character and Legitimacy of Constitutional Review: Eastern European Perspectives

ICON (Journal of International Constitutional Law), No. 1, 2004. | 23 December 2004

Governmental Favouritism in Bulgaria and Russia

in Stephen Kotkin and Andras Sajo (eds.) Political Corruption of Transition: A Skeptic’s Handbook, Central European University Press, Budapest, 2002. | 23 December 2002

Campaign Finance in Central and Eastern Europe: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead

International Foundation of Electoral Systems, Washington, 2002 | 01 December 2002

Administrative Law in Central and Eastern Europe 1996-1998