Antoinette Primatarova's Publications

Why Do the United Kingdom, Sweden and the Netherlands Oppose Juncker as President of the European Commision?

Bulgaria On Air TV in the “Brussels 1” program | 14 June 2014

Should Member States Regard the European Parliament’s Proposal for a President of the European Commission As Compulsory?

“Capital”s interactive debate | 03 June 2014

Bulgaria: EP Elections a Rehearsal for Early National Elections

23 May 2014

Antoinette Primatarova in “The Icelandic Democratic Model – A Feasible Option for Bulgaria?”

series on radio “Hristo Botev” | 27 February 2013

Federal Europe Is Not On the Agenda Right Now

Bulgarian National Radio | 12 September 2012

Germany as Viewed by Bulgaria: Support for Fiscal Stability

EPIN Working Papers Nr. 34/ June 2012 | 30 June 2012

25 States Endorse Fiscal Compact

Antoinette Primatarova comments on the Bulgarian National Radio | 31 January 2012

The Return of the Prussians of the Balkans?

Europe's World | 23 January 2012

Adopting the “Financial Pact” of Minister Djankov ahead of the signing of the new Treaty on a Reinforced Economic Union would be premature

BNR | 09 January 2012

Should the EU Have a Place in the Security Council of the United Nations?

31 May 2011

On High Stakes, Stakeholders and Bulgaria’s EU Membership

Centre for European Policy Studies | 06 April 2010

Will the EU Ever Cover the Entire European Continent?

"Alternatives internationales" magazine, September 2009, N44 | 30 September 2009

Shaping a Globalized World | 11 December 2008

1 Year Down and the Way Ahead

The Bridge, 2008, Issue 9 | 02 September 2008

Corrupt in Sofia

Wall Street Journal Europe | 22 July 2008

Integration Perspectives and Synergic Effects of European Transformation in the Countries Targeted by EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policies

CEU | 24 June 2008

Relations of Bulgaria with the EU.

Primatarova, Antoinette and Georgi Ganev (2008) Relations of Bulgaria with the EU. In the Volume on Bulgaria, prepared in the framework of the project: „Integration Perspectives and Synergic Effects of European Transformation in the Countries Targeted by | 02 June 2008

The Story of Accession: the myth and its true dimensions.

The Bridge, Q1-2007. | 12 February 2007

Reflection Time-Out


Оn Bulgaria’s Accession Prospects

EurActiv | 02 December 2005

Fresh Bumps in Bulgaria’s Road to the EU

Europe’s World, Autumn 2005. p.166 – 167 | 10 October 2005

The Closure of Units 1-4 of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant.

Engelbrekt & Förberg (eds.) Managing Political Crises in Bulgaria: Pragmatism and Procrastination. Swedish National Defence College. p. 97 – 139 | 11 July 2005

Enlargement, CFSP and the Convention. The Role of the Accession States.

Cameron, Fraser and Primatarova, Antoinette (2003) Enlargement, CFSP and the Convention. The Role of the Accession States. | 01 June 2005

In Search of Two Distinct Tracks for Non-EU Europe and the European Neighbourhood.

Hayoz, Jesien & Van Meurs (eds.) Enlarged EU – Enlarged Neighbourhood. Perspectives of the European Neighbourhood Policy. Peter Lang. p.19 – 49 | 10 March 2005

European Lessons: Climbing Down a High Tree

"Dnevnik" newspaper | 21 December 2003

EU Accession. Is 2007 feasible? Negotiating in a changing context.

Bulgaria and Romania between NATO and EU. Edited by SAR, Romania.p.17-24 | 01 May 2003

Where Do We Go From Here? Wrapping Up the Discussion.

David Stone and Despina Syrri (Editors) Integrating the Western Balkans into Europe. The aftermath of the Greek Presidency. p.125-132 | 10 March 2003

Bulgaria’s Nuclear War Against the European Union.

"Capital" newspaper | 27 July 2002