International conference "Russian Realities for New European Leaders"














The Centre for Liberal Strategies (Sofia) in cooperation with the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy (Moscow) and the Higher School of Economics National Research University (Moscow) organized international conference "Russian Realities for New European Leaders" in Moscow on March 11-13, 2019.
We are witnessing recently a process of generation change in the policy-making community both in Europe and in Russia. In this new political landscape in Russia the EU does not have a clear idea of the experiences and aspirations of the new generation Russian experts. This is even more so as in the past five years contacts between Western and Russian policy makers, analysts and journalists have been reduced after the Crimea crisis. This leads to a higher risk of misperception and misunderstanding of Russia policies in the EU and vice versa. We will gather together a diversified group of young leaders from EU and Russia in order to discuss with counterparts, stakeholders and policy makers the perception of current Russia policies, how they see the relations between Russia and the EU, to exchange ideas and policy choices for the future.
The participation of the young Western leaders has been realised by the financial support of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Germany.

The diversified group of young leaders from EU and Russia took part in
1) series of informal meetings with Russian state and public figures;
2) one-day intensive seminar with Russian experts;
3) political simulation game "Chaos Inoculation. Learning to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises in International Politics" is based on a scenario modelled on an acute international crisis.   


The collection of the project-related texts "Russia and the World in the Eyes of the New Generation" is available here .