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13 април, 2010

Историческите окраски на трагедията

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Нов постинг на Иван Кръстев в блога на World Affairs.

Today, both Russia and Poland are colored by tragedy. At the end of March, a terrorist bombing in the Moscow metro killed 39 innocent people and injured many more. At the beginning of April—the first Sunday after Easter—a plane crash killed the cream of the Polish political elite: President Lech Kaczynski, the chief of the general staff, senior members of the government, members of Parliament, generals, intellectuals. The president’s delegation was travelling to Katyn, where, 70 years ago, Stalin massacred more than 20,000 of Poland’s best and brightest officers, professors, and doctors in an attempt to break the Polish nation. The plane crash in Smolensk is one of those events that is best reported by poets, not by journalists.

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