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24 февруари, 2010

‘Холандският синдром’ на НАТО

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Ivan Krastev
(Sofia) “On Saturday, as coalition forces were fighting their way in a make-it-or-break-it offensive in the Taliban stronghold of Marja, the Dutch government was carrying on a make-it-or-break-it fight of its own. In terms of the latter, however, they opted to break it—the government collapsed after a final effort to keep Dutch troops in Afghanistan failed miserably. Bad timing, to say the least. But the ‘fall of The Hague’ could be worse. Disregarding the appeals of NATO’s secretary general, the leadership of the Labor Party, the smaller partner in the governing coalition in the Netherlands, made it clear that Dutch troops should return home by the end of the year. The new reality in Europe is that a call from NATO headquarters in Brussels is not enough to change a country’s politics. The collapse of the coalition government in the Netherlands was hardly a surprise. It was no secret that the Christian Democrats and the Labor Party were in the mood for a divorce, evidenced by a 76 percent public disapproval rating. What really matters is not the Labor Party’s decision to torpedo the coalition, but its decision to do it over the government’s Afghanistan policy.”
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